I wonder if all those mighty politicians

That do nothing but lend and lend

Ever stop to think there are far better things
They could do with that money they wildly spend.

They constantly fill the rich man’s pockets
While grinding the poor man into the earth
In their eyes if you do not have lots of money
Then you are useless and have no worth.

I wonder if all those restaurants and store owners
Who throw away tons and tons of food each day
Realize they could have shared it with the poor
The millions who starve to death since they can’t pay.

They could have donated that food to a local shelter
And helped out their poor suffering fellowman
But because they received no oh so precious money in return
They’d rather throw it away in the trashcan.

I wonder about all the greedy landlords
Who charge such outrageously exorbitant rent
Do they ever even give a thought to the homeless man
Who the night under a bridge has spent.

Millions of homes stand abandoned and empty
All throughout this noble land
Simply because the poor man did not have
The greedy landlord’s price in his pocket or hand.

I wonder what the rich will do
When the money they so tightly hold
Has as much worth as paper drawn upon
By a tiny three year old.

What will they do upon that sad, sad day
When all they own crumbles and turns to dust
With no money for gas, they’ll all be forced to walk
While those fancy cars all just sit there and rust.

I wonder how many times they’ve found the cure for cancer
And just how very many lost lives could have been saved
If greed in the hearts of doctors, insurance companies and morticians
Had not been so deeply etched and engraved.

Those greedy, selfish, self centered people cared not at all
For the plight of the weak, the helpless, the poor
Oh the many that could have been saved, my dear friends
If the greedy in their hearts compassion, kindness and sympathy bore.

I’ve seen many marvelous inventions come into being in my life
And yes, our lives easier some of them have made
But has anyone every stopped once to really think
The price for those conveniences we’ve paid?

Once the words ‘family” and “community” had meaning
Back before we became technologically wise
Now they are both going extinct like the dinosaurs
And very few weep for their demise.

I wonder just what the future holds for mankind
With all of these marvelous inventions that time and labor saves
We think in our arrogance that we are their masters
But in harsh reality we are actually their slaves.




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