Hello, fellow WordPressians, and welcome to Ghostwriter. I have a very special announcement today. My dear friend, and fellow writer, Eric Swett, who is also a WordPressian, has graciously granted me an interview today, to discuss the upcoming release of his new book, APOCALYPSE RISING.

Today also is very special in another way, for as of today, he has successfully written 100 words a day for an entire year, without missing a single day.

So let’s all give a warm WordPressian welcome to Eric Swett, our fellow writer, and a truly great guy!

AMBER MICHELLE: Good morning, Eric, and thank you for granting me this interview.

eric.swett: You are welcome.

AMBER MICHELLE: I understand that today is a pretty big day for you. You set a goal for yourself, one that would daunt most writers.

AMBER MICHELLE: to write 100 words a day for a solid year.

AMBER MICHELLE: That must have been rather difficult on some days. I understand you have a job that requires a lot of mental ability, plus you have a family.

AMBER MICHELLE: How did you manage to draw inspiration during those times?

eric.swett: I don’t know if inspiration is the right word.

eric.swett: Some days I would look at the screen and just force the words out until I hit 100. Some of those days worked well, others needed serious editing after the fact.

AMBER MICHELLE: Ah, but the main thing is…you completed your goal. Even if it did require “editing after the fact”. Isn’t that, in truth, what we sometimes do with our lives as well? We “write” a chapter with the decisions that we make, and sometimes have to “edit” the results?

AMBER MICHELLE: I personally could not have done it. And I have the highest admiration for you that you did. It is a very impressive feat.

AMBER MICHELLE: Even more importantly, you did not quit, not once.

eric.swett: This is actually my second attempt at this. My first attempt failed after a month and a half

AMBER MICHELLE: Then that only makes this triumph that much sweeter, would you not say?

eric.swett: Definitely

AMBER MICHELLE: For you proved, if only to yourself, that just because you failed once, it did not mean you had to accept that failure. You turned that defeat into what I, for one, would definitely deem a rousingly successful triumph.

AMBER MICHELLE: And furthermore, I think that any writer who reads this would agree.

AMBER MICHELLE: Eric, I myself have the honor of your accepting a cover that I designed for your new book. I understand that you officially are launching the cover today, is that correct?

eric.swett: That is correct, and thank you for the work you put into it

AMBER MICHELLE: It was my deepest honor and pleasure.

AMBER MICHELLE: Eric, can you tell us a little bit about the story? I understand that you have some rather unusual elements in your choice of Main Character, as well as some of the situations that the MC encounters.

AMBER MICHELLE: Okay, I can see how I might have placed you in a bit of a tight corner there, Eric, so let me rephrase that.

AMBER MICHELLE: Could you tell us a tiny bit about what inspired the story?

eric.swett: The story is about an Angel who abandoned Heaven and his duties so that he could live amongst man. Over time he forgot who he was, but not what he was. When he crosses paths with a man bent on world domination he is forced to return to his Angelic past.

AMBER MICHELLE: Oh my, that sounds as though the story may not contain only the MC having conflict with another character, but with himself as well.

AMBER MICHELLE: Eric, I understand that you are also working on a second book as well. Would you like to tell us a little bit about it?

eric.swett: The other book is a Post Apocalyptic future about a man who has been alone for a long time, but finds himself thrust into a position where he is responsible for more than just himself.

AMBER MICHELLE: Both of your books sound very interesting.

AMBER MICHELLE: Eric, if you do not mind me asking, when did you realize that you wanted to become a writer?

AMBER MICHELLE: I have read some of your work, and you are very good.

eric.swett: I don’t know when I really decided. I sort of stumbled into it. I started off writing for fun, then to challenge myself and now it gets most of my free time. I didn’t start writing fiction until after highschool and my first attempt at a novel wasn’t until 1996. Before that I was all about short stories and horrible poetry.

AMBER MICHELLE: Well, I for one can tell you that you are a natural. Many writers must struggle, but you managed to write 100 words every single day for an entire year. And not once did you lose the story thread. That, Eric, is very definitely something to be proud of.

eric.swett: I am a little proud of the work. Writing it in such small increments has made it challenging, especially since I didn’t start out with a clear storyline idea.

AMBER MICHELLE: Yes, I can see how writing only tiny bits at a time could prove to be a challenge. Especially if you were trying to write while other things were occurring in your life. Time for you must be a very precious commodity.

eric.swett: Definitely. I do most of my writing first thing in the morning or late at night, while my family is asleep, but I do manage to sneak in some writing time here and there.

AMBER MICHELLE: Well, I cannot speak for other writers, but I admire what you have accomplished.

AMBER MICHELLE: Have you chosen which way you will go for publishing?

AMBER MICHELLE: Will you go for traditional…with the editor/agent/publisher routine, or self publish?

eric.swett: For this first book I plan on doing the independent publishing thing. I’ve done a little research on the subject and it seems to be the right way to go for this one. If an Agent or Publisher comes along and would like to work with me, I am not opposed to the idea.

AMBER MICHELLE: Eric, before I let you go, I would like to ask you something.

AMBER MICHELLE: What advice would you offer to other writers out there, both old and new, with regards to successfully completing their goals?

eric.swett: My advice would be to not give up when you stumble. It is easy to give up when you hit a snag, but to pull yourself back up and get back on track is the best thing you can possibly do for yourself.

AMBER MICHELLE: Eric, I think that that is excellent advice. In fact, I think that I will do that in calligraphy and post it on my wall behind my computer, to remind me that failure is only failure if you stop trying.

AMBER MICHELLE: Eric, in commemoration and celebration of this one year anniversary of the day you set out to write 100 words per day, I would like to present this gold certificate of award to you. You have most definitely earned it.

eric.swett: Thank you very much, I’m honored.

AMBER MICHELLE: I would like to wish you the very best, not only with regards to this book, but also for all other books you may write in the future.

AMBER MICHELLE: I have been reading your page here on WordPress, and I notice that this is not your first writing triumph. It would seem that congratulations are also in order for your winning the 2011 NaNoWriMo. I have known other writers that tried for that one…and failed. Great job!

eric.swett: Thank you. The first draft is written and sitting, waiting for the time when I can edit it and turn it into something useful.

AMBER MICHELLE: If it is anything like what you have shared with me, then I predict you will do well with it. You have a tremendous amount of talent.

eric.swett: Thank you very much.

AMBER MICHELLE: I just thought of something. That advice you gave could apply, not only to writing, but to any and all endeavors and challenges we might face in our lives.

eric.swett: I suppose it could at that…

AMBER MICHELLE: Is there anything else that you would like to add about your new book? I understand you have set a tentative release date.

eric.swett: I am aiming for a June 1, 2012 release date, at least for electronic copies. Paperback versions will be available sometime soon after.

AMBER MICHELLE: Oh wow, so soon!

AMBER MICHELLE: That puts you in a bit of a time crunch, does it not?

AMBER MICHELLE: Are you nervous?

eric.swett: I prefer to think of myself as motivated, rather than nervous.

AMBER MICHELLE: Eric, before I let you go, I would like to let you know that if you ever need any promotional items, all you have to do is ask. It will be my greatest pleasure and honor to create something special for you.

AMBER MICHELLE: Once again, thank you for sharing time with me today and best of luck.

eric.swett: Thank you

Eric has graciously given me permission to share the new cover that I designed with all of you. It can be seen in the center of the poster I made him to celebrate and commemorate this very special day.

So pop on over and check out Eric’s announcement page. You will be glad you did. Here is the link…


Once again, my thanks to Eric for granting me this interview, and also for allowing me the honor of his acceptance of the cover design I created for him. And my thanks to any who take time from your busy lives to share a tiny piece of mine through the reading of my words.

Blessed Be to one and all.

Marantha Dreamweaver Jenelle, hostess/administrator of Ghostwriter




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