A child was born one Summer’s day

Reviled and ridiculed for most of her life

Destined from the start to walk ever alone

Her days were mostly filled with tears and strife.

None truly knew the pain that she held within

Her hurt and lonely broken soul

Within that heart she felt so alone and abandoned

As if she would never, ever be whole.

The faith that she had grown in

The faith that she had been taught

Simply confused her and left her lost

And was not the one she truly sought.

Nay, what she had been taught eased not her soul

Those teachings eased not her troubled heart at all

For from early childhood she had felt a strong pull

Towards the mysterious, wondrous and magical.

Her heart holds deep questions within its depths

That if asked would turn all those who know her away

For they would quite simply never understand

So the words truly in her heart she does not say.

Aye, in her deepest heart hides secret dreams

Of chants and charms, of ancient magic and pagan things

She craves this knowledge to her very soul

But she knows well the price seeking them brings.

She has none to seek this knowledge from

And so she is forced to live a lie

Mind taught to one path, her heart seeking another

Until the day that she does die.

For should she speak aloud her thoughts and dreams

All around her would accuse her of gravest sin

But one question above all in her weary heart she holds…

Can one have a Christian taught mind but hold a pagan soul within?

marantha jenelle




4 responses »

  1. I really enjoyed that poem, Marantha. And you know what? Your website is really cool. My favorite combo of colors is black and blue – the colors of my son’s high school and the hoodie I have from his school!
    Cool. Thanks for sharing.

    • hello, patti, thank you for both reading and commenting. i just changed my blog design today, because this one offered the video capabilities.

      and i have already loaded several, mostly of celtic and pagan origin. i am going to try to find someone who can teach me. i have decided to follow my heart. for the way i was taught has brought me no comfort, only confusion.

      my biggest problem is going to find someone to help me learn.

      once again, thanks for the read and the comment.

      blessed be


  2. pattisj says:

    If the Christian teaching stayed in your head and never made it to your heart, became part of your inmost being, then something else will try to fill that God-shaped void.

  3. Eric Swett says:

    I like the new look and the poem.

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