INSPIRATION”…such a tiny word…eleven little letters…yet its impact on writers and artists can produce such wonderful, touching, and yes, sometimes frightening, results.

For you see, those very special people do not quite view life and the world around them as do the vast majority of those who inhabit this planet…

A writer may see a story in an abandoned home or in the faces of their fellow life travelers…

An artist is able to capture-realistically or otherwise-the wonders of this vast and teeming planet in viewable, colorful, touchable form.

And both are gifted in that they can make their dreams visible to others.

They both can fill our minds and vision with joy or sadness, hope or despair, they hold within themselves the power to give life to  creations and creatures of our dreams…

Or our nightmares.

A writer can take a seemingly simple word or phrase that most may use a dozen times in their daily lives without really giving those words and phrases a second thought, and from that seemingly simple word or phrase the writer can bring to life stories that will take the reader to places of fantasy, fear, hope, or even the past or future.

The best example of this truth can be found in the responses given to the writing prompts of one very talented and very sweet writer, Stephanie, of BEKINDREWRITE.

Her “INSPIRATION MONDAY” prompts have brought forth, I think, unexpected talent in more than just myself, and have, by many of the writer’s very own admission, myself included, shown some rather out of character and even downright eerie results in the stories that grew from those prompts.

An artist can translate reality and unreality in tangible, viewable, often touchable form. I do not now and will not ever claim to be the best artist in the world, at best I would consider myself perhaps mediocre, but I am still thankful for the inner gift of talent that allows me to create little items to share with my friends in the world of reality and in the world of cyber space as well.

As I have stated, I do not now nor ever will consider myself to be a very good artist, but I am trying to be a good writer.

And I got to thinking today, about my pain in knowing that my words do not seem to have any impact on those that read them, save for a cherished few.

And then I got to thinking about Stephanie’s, and a few others to whom I have responded, prompts.

And to some of the reassurances that I have received from various of those here on WordPress when I would express my growing dismay in my lack of ability to engender even a negative reaction in those that read my words, how they have assured me that there are those out there who WILL like my words and that there are indeed those that my words WILL cause a connection to form with, and I realized something…

I had reached a point on my current work in progress in which the inspirational muses were no longer speaking to me, simply because my self doubt and my lack of belief in myself was literally choking them to death.

And as I was thinking those things over, a little voice seemed to be whispering to me, and I was compelled to form the following, which I call

Words of advice formed around the letters of the very word that began this blog…


Eleven tiny letters with one heck of an impact for those gifted with creative talent.

And it was as I was forming that image that I realized that those words that had been whispered to my heart, and which the above image contains, if I can adhere to them, will not only make me a better writer, they can also “”INSPIRE” me

and who know, perhaps in this sharing…

you, dear reader and fellow writer.

blessings to all who read this.



Ever since I started back to writing after a hiatus of many years, the one key question that always seems to come up when people read my verses and stories is this…

Where did the words come from?

And I answer the same thing each time…I do not choose the words, they choose me. For many, they still do not understand. For some, it is because they truly do not understand the utter simplicity of that answer, for others, I think, it is because they cannot accept that answer.

But the truth remains, I do not choose the words, the words choose me. They come of their own bidding, any time of the day or night, and once they start flowing, they simply give me no peace till I set them free.

They can be influenced by a variety of things…a memory…a snatch of music…something someone says…or even a color, scent, or emotion. It is almost as if they were there all along, merely waiting for that one special key that would unlock them and set them free to fill my mind, heart and soul.

But it does make me ask myself that selfsame question sometimes…Where DO the words come from? I only have a seventh grade education, I failed every single English class I was ever in, I do not mix with the world that much, I do not read newspapers, nor listen to the radio nor watch television but very rarely, so where does the inspiration for the verses and stories come from?

Why can some people write better than others?

Why can some create verses and stories while for others the simple act of writing a letter practically sends them into a panic as to what they are going to say?

Those that are even halfway educated know how to spell, at least most do, they know how to form sentences and paragraphs, yet what is it that separates them from those for whom the muse of inspiration whispers so insistently that they have no choice but to set free those words?

What is that secret something that allows a writer to take the same words that others use in their everyday lives and harness and train them to the point that they can, through the use of mere words, combination’s of letters, actually have the power to totally and completely captivate their readers, even causing them to experience actual emotional responses to the words that the writer shares, even if it is only a sense of indifference.

I myself have read books that scared the living daylights out of me and also one’s that made me laugh and also cry…and all through the power of words. I have read books that made me stop and think, and I have also read books that their words were gone nearly before I had finished reading them.

What sets writers, those who take us to times, past, present and future, who teach us, who evoke emotions, aside from and different from the general populace of those who have knowledge of writing itself and use it every day in their lives?

And what sets writer’s themselves apart from one another in the ways in which they convey information?

For that last one, I think upon the different and varied responses and stories that resulted from some of the prompts posted by Stephanie, of BEKINDREWRITE  here on WordPress. No two stories for the various prompts were the same, yet they all had to same beginning. So what caused the difference in the way those writers  responded to those prompts?

I cannot speak for other writers, but for me, the stories that resulted from my response to those prompts caused me to experience a slight feeling of unease, for nearly every single one of them contained violence, malice, envy, greed, rage, and hate, and yet I had always considered myself to not lean towards those emotions, but rather towards ones of compassion, sympathy, tenderness, understanding, and a need and desire to reach out to my fellow life travelers and have them not reject me.

I do know that in the case of nearly every single one of those responses, I had been under stress, had not been resting well, and was experiencing either mania or depression or both.

And that brings up a rather interesting thought…could a writer’s ability to convey, and influence, emotions to and in their readers be somehow tied to themselves? How they feel about things, things they have experienced in their lives, ways they may view things, concepts and ideas of right and wrong, good and evil?

Could their own emotions at the time that they are writing the stories and verses perhaps be tied to the power the finished story or verse contains within that collection of tiny marks that form the words to their stories and verses?

Could it be that they transfer a small part of themselves, literally, through the characters and events that occur within their stories and verses?

If that is true, then if a writer, when they were editing, were to compare what they were thinking or feeling at the time those words were written, I wonder what they would find?

Would they see a little more of themselves than perhaps they themselves even realized they were showing to the world?

And would they, as I myself did in reading my own responses to Stephanie’s prompts, perhaps discover a part of themselves that they might not exactly be comfortable in facing might in truth be a part of themselves?

Would they, when they looked into their own eyes after reading their own words and actually contemplating what they were thinking and feeling at the time those words were written, perhaps be just a little uneasy that it might be a stranger staring back at them?



Words-combination’s of symbols used to convey thoughts, ideas, concepts and information. We use them every single day, yet have you ever really stopped to think about them? Do you sometimes wonder why things are named as they are, or a particular thought concept is designated with a specific word? Or even how our words came into being in the first place?

When man first began to develop intelligence, one of the first things that they discovered was that they needed a way to communicate…and that meant that they had to come up with some way to determine a set term, or in their case, image, to designate a given item.

They discovered that they could use their bodies themselves to communicate, like wrapping their arms around themselves and shivering to indicate cold…bringing their fingers to their mouths and making a chewing motion to indicate eating…rubbing their stomachs to indicate hunger, and so much more, but it still left them with the problem of conveying information for another when they were not directly with them.

And that is more than likely when the first crude images were drawn to indicate things common to their environment, both plants, animals, weather conditions-as in lightening streaks to indicate storms or possible series of downward slashes to indicate rain, ect, and they also created drawings, which still exist to this very day, of some of the events in what might have been simply their daily lives, such as hunting, fishing, battles, feasts, ect.

The ancient Egyptians also used pictures as a means of communicating, as did many other cultures over times great passing, examples of which again still exist today through clay tablets, leather scrolls, documents made of beaten leaves, bamboo and many other types of materials that have withstood the ravages of time.

Over the passage of time, certain combination’s of sounds must have become commonly enough agreed upon that when used while pointing to or holding up or somehow otherwise indicating that that was the object that they were referencing for those sounds to begin to become common ways of referencing those items. I sometimes wonder what that very first word might have been. (I know, I know, I have too darn much time on my hands! So sue me!)

And from that spoken word and the need to convey thoughts, ideas, concepts and events, early man must have gradually grown to rely more and more on what I (since I am not a historian and therefore do not know the actual term), for want of a better term, call “picto-glyphs” to convey information.

And as time passed, and their intelligence increased, early man also began to question unexplainable events that happened to and around them. Over time they began to attribute those inexplicable events to unseen deities, beings who, with the passage of time, began to take on both magical and humanistic qualities.

And from events that may have happened to various members of those early people’s, they developed legends and myths about those deities. At first those legends were passed down by mouth, but then gradually there must have been one or two intrepid souls amongst them that became dissatisfied with simply telling the tales, they wanted to illustrate them to demonstrate what had occurred.

(Once again I reiterate, I am not a historian, nor even highly educated, but this is sort of what I personally imagine might have happened, so do not go having a cow if I get things mixed up or you don’t agree with my vision. Differences in vision is what makes we writers such fascinating, intriguing, [and yes, when we are writing and lost in worlds of our own, forgetful, easy to frustrate when interrupted, and prone to losing ourselves in our creations to the extent we forget to eat…or to fix something for our poor abandoned families to eat!] people.)

As time passed, more and more images became more widely accepted and recognized and used to reference given objects, and even weather or some emotional or physical conditions, that they began to spread from one tiny little enclave to another, till all were using them.

And as the early peoples intelligence again continued to expand, and more and more images began to be created to meet their gradually grown expansion into larger territories and intermixing with those that they met along the way, new symbols were formed, new ways of expressing themselves.

And with times passage, new ways of forming those symbols also developed amongst the early peoples as they spread and resettled in set areas. Civilizations began to develop, with their own language, ways of expressing themselves, ideas, concepts, and the images they used to represent those things.

They learned to form given sets of marks, that when put together in different combination’s could be used to indicate different things, even though they used the same marks over and over in those combination’s.

I imagine by the time the English alphabet was developed and began to be widely accepted, mankind had pretty much been using actual spoken words for quite some time, but had been using different sets of symbols to convey the same words and terms.

And so that brings us to the present, or very nearly, for through the use of English, which just so happens to be one of the most prevalent alphabets in use globally, we are able to communicate via the written word our thoughts, ideas and concepts, not only in letters and messages between friends, but in documents, business transactions, and so much more, around the entire world.

And one of the most prevalent use of those little marks that we use to convey thoughts, ideas and concepts is in the writing and formation of books.

Yes, books, those miraculous holders of dreams, images, thoughts, ideas, nightmares, knowledge and so much more. Those things that we buy, read, forget for a while then may read again, that we toss in the corner, that the dog chews, that the kids scribble in…in short…books.

And to have books, you must have readers and editors and agents and publishers…but most importantly, you must have writers before any of the others can come into the picture.

And in this modern age, with the advancing knowledge in computer and data processing methods and electronic gadgetry, we wind up with digital books, books that can be read on a device small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, or even books on tape.

But those, for all their hype and hoopla, cannot in any way, shape nor form, ever replace the feel of curling up in a comfortable chair in the evening with a good book, a cup of cocoa, and losing ourselves in worlds of fantasy, dreams, or even nightmares.

E-books do not now and never will replace the comforting smell of paper and glue and ink of a real book, nor the comforting texture and soft whisper of the paper as your fingers brush against it as you turn the page, so lost in the story that you are not even aware of doing it.

A good writer, simply by using those little marks in various combination’s, can pull a reader along, causing their hearts to beat with anticipation, fear, horror, terror, joy, heartache, or can,  in some cases, actually bring tears to the readers eyes simply through the power of the words that those little marks form.

Writers walk between two worlds, the world of dull necessity that makes up most people’s lives, and the world of their hearts, souls and imaginations. In that world, there are no limitations, no boundaries, no fences to hold them earthbound. In that world they can fly to the stars, swim to the deepest depths with or as a mermaid, bring to life creatures of fantasy, dreams, or nightmares.

I have a saying posted by my avatar on my blog “Ghostwriter” that pretty much sums up what I am  saying…”WRITERS USE WORDS TO PAINT PICTURES ON THE CANVASES OF THEIR READERS MINDS.”

Without writers there would be no textbooks for our schools, no lawbooks for lawyers, no cookbooks, no poetry, no songbooks, nothing.

In short, without writers, society as a whole would pretty much go right back to the dark ages, for without writers, there would be little or no passing of knowledge.

We here on WordPress are writers, we are walkers between worlds, we are magicians who can, with mere tiny symbols, pull our readers from this mundane world and take them to places beyond their imagination.

We are conveyors of knowledge.

We are custodians of history.

We are teachers of both truth and fiction, fact and fantasy, joy and sorrow,  the past, the present and the futures of our imaginations.

We are conductors on journeys where there are no giggling, loud talking teenagers in the front rows, no crying baby in the back, no snoring homeless guy right behind you.

We can fill your mind with the sweetest dreams or with nightmarish images that will stand your hair on end.

We are all of this and oh so very much more…




A combination of symbols on pieces of paper white

Or those very same symbols back-lit by the computer screen’s light.

Yes, tiny symbols, like soldiers, marching in a straight line

Giving you birth, oh little story or verse of mine.

Till you’re on screen or paper, I can’t really say

What adventures you’ll take me on each day.

Will you have me spending the night in an eerie, creepy old manse?

Or an enchanted forest where magical creatures cavort and dance?

Will you have me exploring a mysterious, haunted cave?

Or riding with knights of old, so bold and brave?

Will I be a fearsome wizard standing against a lightening streaked sky?

Or face terrible consequences when I lie?

Enchanter, enchanted, or not even of this place

Perhaps even a creature from a world far out in space.

Oh my contrary muse, sometimes your gifting is fickle

You send words in a torrent or in barely a trickle.

Your inspiration comes in fast rolling waves or calm meandering streams

Or sometimes you will send me your gifts in my solitary dreams.

But one things remains constant whene’er I hear your haunting voice

To set those words free I really don’t have very much choice.

Your words flow from my heart to my mind and my mind to my hand

As my now restless fingers on the patiently waiting keyboard land.

At first the words may come slowly as my fingers all find their place

And then with each word that is typed those fingers more quickly do race.

The world that surrounds me simply fades and drops away

As your whispers compel me and my fingers on the keyboard dance and play.

Yes, the world around me fades away, and time itself passes me by

As I lose myself in your words as my busy fingers fly.

When your words at last fall silent, and I become once more aware

I sit staring in awe at the words which with me you did share.

Yes, with a combination of symbols on pieces of paper white

Or those very same symbols back-lit by the computer screen’s light.

Those tiny symbols, like soldiers, marching in a straight line

Give you birth, oh little story or verse of mine.



Most noble writers

There’s no denyin’

We all better get

Our fingers flyin’!

Our hearts within

Hold many a word

Restless songs unsung

Eager stories unheard.

Our fast racing fingers

On our keyboards land

Words flow heart to mind

And from mind to hand.

Tis then we walk

Midst worlds unseen

As the words flow ‘cross

The computer screen.

Writer’s paint pictures

With words, you know

As from mind and heart

Those words do flow.

Those frantic words

Now cease their fuss

Filling the screens

In front of us.

Those words can be bold

Or they can be fickle

They can come in a rush

Or barely a trickle.

From words within

To words on screen

Stories of this world

And of world’s unseen.

Finally we stare in awe

At what we now see

And wonder deep inside

Did that really come from me?



Wonderful Ms. Sonia of DOING THE WRITE THING

Is the best source I know for prompt and challenge links

And she’s a terrific blogger in her own right, as well

I have really come to love how that lady thinks!

And the very honorable Mr. Eric Swett

Can, when you talent’s lagging in its pace,

With his insightful prompts and challenges

Quickly put your muse right back in the race.

Juan Villagrana, for all of his youth

He dreams a published author someday to be

He is really very talented for his age

And I personally think that future he’ll see.

Jen Fries at Cafe Muravyet

Is another whose really great at blogging

About prompts, challenges and more

That can get your lazy brain to jogging!

Ms. Stephanie, of BE KIND, REWRITE

Is a lady who is truly in the know

If you want to learn of writing or query letters

Then ’tis to her blog you should quickly go.

And then there is dear WORDS ASUNDER

Whose verses and blogs will make you smile

Just stopping by his blog when you are down

Can oft make you forget your troubles for awhile.

So very many others I could name

That are a part of this wonderful site

One and all share with the world around

The words that from their heart’s they write.

I really want you all to know

(I’ll say this quickly ‘ere I put you all to sleep!)

I hold the deepest respect and admiration for all of you

Within my heart, firm and deep.

A few final words in parting

Are my gift from me to all of you

And I assure you from the bottom of my heart

Every single one of them is true!

I wish each and every writer here on WordPress


May words and ideas within you e’er abide

May the Muses of Inspiration be e’er at your side

May paper, ink and toner ne’er run low

May the cascade of ideas ne’er slow

May good reception attend each word that you write

As you record your dreams each day and night

May good luck be with you each and every day

As your fingers on the keyboard dance and play.



Writers have one foot in reality, one in dreams

Though the second one often more real seems

Pulled from this world of stress and strife

Through their stories they lead a different life

They can ride with those brave knights of old

Or sail with pirates seeking pearls and gold

They can be a sheriff of an old western town

A perfect shot and the bad guy goes down

They can be a dragon flying against the moon

Or a fearless hero that makes the ladies swoon

They can captain a spaceship through the stars

Visiting the moon, Alpha Centurai and Mars

They can be a wizard with his crystal ball

Old and wise and knowing all

They can be a mermaid swimming in the deep

The secrets of the sea to guard and keep

From heart to mind and mind to hand

As fingers on the keyboard land

Fingers that dance and skip and glide

Recording the dreams that are held inside

Tales of this world or of world’s unseen

The words flow ‘cross the computer screen

Yes, tales of past or present or future age

Flow like dreams made real across the page.


Hidden Talents

Hello and greetings to you, dear reader of this message and to all of the world

I have a question for all of you…..are there any among you who have ”hidden talents”, or any talents at all, for that matter, that you might be willing to ”lay aside your blushes” and share?

I know that there must be other artist, poets, or writers out there, even if only in the sense of doing it for simply your own enjoyment.

And before any of you start saying ”Oh, I can’t do that” or “I tinker with it, but it is not good enough to share with others”, let me tell you this, if you created it, then it is good enough, for it is something that came from within you and therefor has value.

Nothing created by any of you is ever to be ridiculed, reviled, or ignored. No matter how primitive or simple in form it may seem to you, anything that you create has value and worth. My own works are very primitive in form, but I do not do them to impress others, but to feed a need within my own soul.

And so thus, I imagine, it is with many of you.

Let me ask you all this…..have you ever been, say, talking on the phone, and a pen or pencil and some paper was there and you just randomly began ”doodling”? It may surprise many of you to know that many of our most popular cartoons and yes, even animated film characters, began life as simple ”doodles”!

Or have you ever been doing something and all of a sudden you find yourself humming a tune all of your own creation? Or perhaps you have told your children a story that came from within your own heart and soul?

The next time this happens, record those bits of melody, write down those stories or perhaps snatches of verse you may write to a loved one or friend that are inspired by the feelings you bear them. For all you know, there may be a hidden artist or poet or writer deep inside of you that has been ”speaking” to you for many years, but you simply have not ”heard” them!

All of these things of which I have spoken can do far more than just produce a finished work…..

Art can comfort the soul and let the world see your unique vision of life and the world around you…..poetry, whether in rhyme, prose, or simply a ”word picture”, is the ”voice of your soul” and can not only bring peace in the freeing of it, but can also, in some cases, speak the words that others cannot…..and ahhhhhhhh!…..I have saved the best, and my personal favorite, for last…..writing!

Oh the freedom of a clean sheet of paper and a good pen! Writing can ”loosen the ties that bind” you to negative emotions such as anger, sadness, disappointment and many others that may fill and darken your heart and soul.

In writing down my feelings at the time on paper, and then reading them, I feel a sense of ”coming to terms” with what was bothering me, and can also more easily face the cause of my anger. And nine times out of ten it proves to be something about which the anger or negative emotion was totally blown out of proportion when it remained within my heart and soul.

By setting the negative feelings free in a healthy way, I am able to deal with them in a more logical manner. And perhaps the neatest thing about setting your negative thoughts and emotions onto paper is that, once you have dealt with and come to terms with the problem, you simply tear up the paper, leaving your heart open and free to focus on better, happier things.

Negative emotions, when you set them free on paper, actually become smaller and more manageable. It is when you hold them within your heart and soul that they grow and spread. I write a lot when i am angry, depressed, frustrated, or just plain about to give up.

I write letters which I know in my heart will never be sent to those who have made me angry, and do you know what? Once the words are out in the open, and I have a chance to see them in a physical sense, it is almost like a purging, for they are no longer within me.

And in reading them, I have all too often found that the problems and negative feelings that, when they were within me, seemed overwhelming and all encompassing, when they are out in the open, suddenly do not seem so big and tough after all!

I do not claim to know everything, but I do know about some simple things. And one of the simple things I know is that each of us has a ”hidden talent” (and this does not have to be in the literal sense of a physical drawing, poetical verse or writing, but can also be in the emotional and spiritual sense, as with those special people who are able to make others feel good about life, about the world around them, and about themselves simply by being in that special person’s presence) that we can share with our fellow life traveller’s.

Those who are not artists, poets or writers in the true sense of the words may very well be in the sense that they ”paint a picture of peace, joy, harmony and well being” on the hearts, souls, and lives of those they come in contact with.

They may not speak in true poetic form or terms, but they are poets none the less in the words of kindness, hope, comfort and inspiration that they offer to others.

They may never write the next best seller, but their words and actions to and towards their fellowman write stories on the lives of those they come into contact with, and those stories are recorded in a book that will outlast the mere mortal pages of men…..the book of life.

So, in closing, I will say only this….reach out, all of you who ”hear the voices of your soul”….reach out…..share your thoughts and dreams and ideas, no matter how seemingly simple…..reach out, share those visions within your hearts, and who knows, others may see those visions and gain the courage to share their own, and together you will build a picture of a world far brighter than the one in which we dwell.

And that picture will outshine the beauty of the Sistine Chapel…..for it will have been created by you.

I wish you, my dear reader, and all of the world, all of the peace and blessings of heaven.



Tap-tap…Tap-tap…body earthbound but mind gone wandering

Ears that hear naught but the muse’s voice

Fingers that have no choice but to translate those whispers

To set the words free the writer has no real choice.

Tap-tap…Tap-tap…busy fingers meet the keys

The rhythm of the keys echo the writer’s heart

Blending and harmonizing together so smoothly

One soon can no longer tell them apart.

Tap-tap…Tap-tap…fingers skitter, skip and dance

As across the screen the words smoothly flow

What the dream’s translation in the end will be

Only the writer does truly know.

Tap-tap…Tap-tap…busy fingers meet the keys

The rhythm of the keys echo the writer’s heart

Blending and harmonizing together so smoothly

One soon can no longer tell them apart.

Tap-tap…Tap-tap…the marks are the lifeblood

Of the vision the writer does inwardly behold

Flowing from heart to mind and mind to hand

Until the tale is fully told.

Tap-tap…Tap-tap…busy fingers meet the keys

The rhythm of the keys echo the writer’s heart

Blending and harmonizing together so smoothly

One soon can no longer tell them apart.

Tap-tap…Tap-tap…marks forming worded paragraphs

Translate the writer’s inner nightmares and dreams

Tales filled with sadness or joy, with cowardice or valor

Or mayhaps tales that are filled with terrified screams.

Tap-tap…Tap-tap…busy fingers meet the keys

The rhythm of the keys echo the writer’s heart

Blending and harmonizing together so smoothly

One soon can no longer tell them apart.

Tap-tap…Tap-tap…sentence follows sentence

As ‘cross page or screen the words their way do wend

Until the moment when those keys fall silent

When they type those final words “The End”.

Tap-tap…Tap-tap…busy fingers meet the keys

The rhythm of the keys echo the writer’s heart

Blending and harmonizing together so smoothly

One soon can no longer tell them apart.

The finger rest on the keyboard now, strangely idle

Feeling slightly awkward and out of place

Longing for the time when they can once again

With joyful abandon across the keyboard race.

Tap-tap…Tap-tap…busy fingers meet the keys

The rhythm of the keys echo the writer’s heart

Blending and harmonizing together so smoothly

One soon can no longer tell them apart.

And when the muse does once more whisper

Her mysterious secrets in the writer’s ear

Then the keyboard’s hypnotic heartbeat

Might once more the listener hear…

Tap-tap…Tap-tap…busy fingers meet the keys

The rhythm of the keys echo the writer’s heart

Blending and harmonizing together so smoothly

One soon can no longer tell them apart.





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  1. I do find inspiration in the strangest or smalles things sometimes…A lot of stuff gets planted in my garden of ideas. I might even forget about it…then I go for a walk in my garden and find that seed has grown into something I didn’t expect.

    • I agree, sometimes the smallest things can inspire us, such as that one post to which I wrote the poem about becoming as children.

      You know, Sonia, a lot of people have mentioned that I seem to come up with things so quickly and that they seem to come to me so easily, but they little know that the primary reason for that is an over active imagination and racing thoughts. My mind is seldom if ever still, even when I am sleeping. My mother used to sit and watch me sleep just for a laugh because she said that I would toss, turn, twitch and mutter almost like, as she put it, “an old southern hound dog on a porch”. Not the most encouraging of things to learn…that your own mother considers you a joke.

      Hoping this finds you well and thank you for taking the time to read this. I have been working on our interview and am very nearly ready to put it up. I feel so bad in a way because with the others they all went up the same day. I feel like I have let you down. But it will be up soon, I promise. Right now it is all I can do to try to finish the chronicles and also finish the one that I am trying to get ready to send to “weird tales”.
      they pay for stories. and guess which one it is! “the awakening”, the one that gave you the shivers, but totally revamped and fleshed out! i will send you a copy when it is done.


      • Don’t fret about the interview! I know all too well how busy things can get. I’m not worried. I know you’ll get it up when it’s ready.

        You asked about the ROW80 thing: it’s a writing challenge where we set our own goals for 80 days. They can be big or small and we can change them as we need to. Here’s the link to the kick off post for this round: You can jump in at the very next check in if you want. Check ins are every Wed and Sun (but you can pick just one of those days if you want…I was doing Sun but I’m going to switch to Wed so that I can have Sun off). You post your goals and check in weekly with your progress. You can change your goals anytime you need to. I love it. It’s really helped me to get on task with my writing.


  2. pattisj says:

    I like your “Inspiration.” Wise words to follow, Jan, for all of us. I need to get back to writing morning pages, starting NOW! Have a blessed day.

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