Terrified, Magdaline stood statue-stiff beside the blood stained cot where only moments before she had given birth…the cot which had been both her resting place and her torture rack for so many years, and which sat beneath the highest pitch of the attic roof…

Staring downwards at all that was left of what had once been a human being-if you could have called the sadistic bastard that.

As she stood there, shaking, her wide eyes reflecting the light of the kerosene lamp her father had always brought with him when he came to her, either to feed her…

Or to sexually abuse her.

As she stood there, trembling, Magdaline’s mind slipped sideways in time…back to when it all had begun…

She had never been allowed out of sight of the crumbling old mansion that sat deep in the backwoods, far off of the beaten path, never interacted with other kids-in fact, the only other people she had ever known had been her mother, Sheila, and her father, Kenneth.

Even before Magdaline had been born, her father had not allowed her mother off of the property. He had held her captive with fear.

When Sheila had gotten pregnant, Kenneth had been enraged, threatening to kill her for not taking precautions. He had told her he did not want a snively nosed little brat ruining his life and distracting her from her “obligations” to himself.

When Sheila had neared her time, Kenneth had driven four or five counties over and kidnapped a female doctor as she was leaving a pediatric clinic. He had brought the woman back and kept her locked in the attic, chained to a wall.

Within mere hours of the woman having delivered Magdaline she was dead, her body dumped down an old cistern out behind the barn.

And deep in that cistern, something had stirred, finally fully awakened by the scent of violent death…it had been so very long since it had fed…and it was very hungry.

That “something” had infiltrated Kenneth’s mind from the time he had brought Sheila there after killing her entire family, setting their home on fire and kidnapping her…

And it had grown stronger and more alert with each act of violence that Kenneth committed…each burst of rage.

But it needed more…it needed an act of complete corruption to become fully freed from its prison of centuries…

And it needed sacrifices…innocent ones.

When Kenneth had learned that the child had been a female, he had decided to let Sheila keep the child, for he had twisted plans for it when it got old enough.

And the dark presence that dwelt deep underground also had plans for that child…which was why it had compelled the mortal to let the child live.

So it lay there, deep in the bowels of the earth beneath the old mansion, where it had lain for centuries, waiting, patient, plotting…and always…ALWAYS!…aware of the happenings of the mortals…

Especially the male, for the rage, jealousy, corruption and violent nature in his soul made him SUUUUU-CH an excellent feeding source.

Magdaline’s mother had taught her to read and write, to care for herself…

And how to keep silent to keep from angering her father, for neither of them were allowed to speak in his presence without his permission.

The consequence the one time she had when she had been nine and had run up to him holding a butterfly in her hand, excited and wanting to show him the beautiful colors, had pretty much driven that lesson home.

His face had gone red with rage and he had backhanded her so hard she had actually been lifted off of her feet and sent flying through the air to land on her shoulder, dislocating it, several feet away.

Her mother had rushed at him, only to also be knocked to the ground with the force of his blow.

He had stood, hands fisted in fury on his hips, his face contorted and crimson, as he had said in a soft voice that had echoed like thunder to both of them as they had lain there, cowering in terror,

You both seem to have forgotten that YOU ARE NOT TO SPEAK! You will speak only when I give you leave and only in answer to a direct question! Now both of you, get to the house!”

Time had passed and with its passing, a growing rage had begun to fill Magdaline’s heart and mind as she had watched how her father treated her mother and herself.

But there had been little she could do, for she had not only been too young, she had also been very frail from lack of proper nutrition. Her father had only gone to town once a month to get food and supplies for their animals. He had inherited a small fortune from his parent’s death, so had had no real need to work.

No one in town had even known that she and her mother had existed, for her father had made sure that her mother’s car had been found at the bottom of the local quarry, smashed and charred beyond recognition, thus ensuring that the towns people thought her mother dead.

Magdaline’s father had been very good with electronics and very smart in figuring out solutions to things.

One of the main things he had used that ability for was to rig up a sliding trolley, which ran on tracks set just far enough below the level of the road for only to top to show, with a deep tub that covered the entire bed of the trolley planted with underbrush and young saplings.

There was also a heavy framed chain link fence welded to the front of the frame of the trolley, which had plants and vines woven through it, that went across the road leading back to the house.

Once he activate the trolley, it slid back and forth across the opening to the road. When it was closed, it was nearly impossible to distinguish the foliage on the trolley from that which surrounded it.

A mobile bridge had slid forward when the trolley was in a position that left the road to the house open, thus forming a bridge over the trolley track.

And he had never feared the mechanism not working, for he had developed a perpetually self re-charging engine that provided the power. A larger version of the engine powered the house and barn area.

As she had grown, Kenneth had seen to it that they all had clothing and shoes, albeit that they were stolen and gathered from trash cans and refuse bins outside of “poor stores”.

The only time that Magdaline and her mother had been able to talk freely had been when Kenneth went into town on one of his drinking binges…but they had had to be very careful to listen for his truck returning, or they would have been beaten for speaking without his permission.

So life had continued…and then Magdaline had begun to fill out and develop as a young woman…a very beautiful one.

That was when her father had begun to touch her in ways that had made her feel uncomfortable…almost threatened somehow.

She had never told her mother of her father’s actions-had merely endured them.

And then had come the night he had followed her to the barn when she gone out to milk the cow and make sure the chickens and other animals were secured and everything closed down for the night.

That had been the first time he raped her, having snuck up behind her and hit her in the back of the head with something hard. The blow had stunned her, causing her to fall forward.

Her father had leaped upon her, forcing her down with his body weight, pawing at her clothes, ripping them away from her.

She had tried to fight back, but he had backhanded her so hard she had nearly blacked out. He had then brutally raped her.

Once he had finished, he stood looking down at her in contempt while he had rearranged his clothes.

His words, when he finally spoke, had been said with a quiet, deadly intention that had left her with no doubt remaining that he was serious,

If you ever tell your mother about what happened tonight, I will not only kill you, I will kill that high society bitch that bore you, and whom you seem to love so much. So just be a good little girl, get dressed and get back to the house.”

He had started to turn and walk away, then he had paused, turning back, a look of sneering arrogance in his eyes and that arrogance echoed in his voice,

You know, she used to parade around just like you do, flaunting herself with her beauty, but when I would try to touch her, she would slap me down, humiliate me. I was just as rich as she was, but because I wasn’t handsome, she rejected me. But that all ended the night I broke in, shot her mom, dad, and two older brothers. And they have never been able to figure out that I brought her here to the back woods, to the old Johnston place.”

He had suddenly leaned back against the door jamb to the stall he had raped her in, evidently settling in for some gloating.

She had already gathered what had remained of her mangled nightgown and dressing gown and had donned them and then lay curled up in a corner, watching him with pain wracked, terror filled eyes that glowed in the light of the lantern he had carried in one hand.

Even with her clothes back on, she had still felt so overexposed…as if she had still been naked before him.

Yeah, no one has ever, in all the time since that night, thought to check out this place-not that they could have reached it very easily. You see, I rigged up a little trolley loaded down with brush and plants that just slides across the mouth of the road. When it is in place, you can’t see the road at all. All I have to do is push a little button to move it when I need to.”

He had paused to spit on the floor near where she huddled, his eyes glowing with madness, then he had continued,

Your mother thought she was so much better than I was, always prancing around in those short skirts and tight, belly showing tops, flaunting herself for all to see. Oh, she was willing to show nearly everything, but forget touching the ice cold bitch if you weren’t up to her “standards”, whether you had money or not.”

Once more he had paused, merely standing there glaring down at her as she had tried to shrink further and further into the corner and into herself.

His voice, when he had continued, had been flat and emotionless, his blue eyes cold as ice,

And then she took up with that stupid jock, Jason. Oh how I hated him! They got to where they were seen together more and more. And then she chose him over me to take her to the homecoming dance.”

Kenneth had lifted one hand, moving it back and forth as if regarding a high cost manicure as he had continued in a now almost chatty tone,

You know, she really, truly shouldn’t have done that, for that was the final straw. I “fixed” her dear little Jason’s brakes and he went over Carson’s cliff on his way to pick her up for the dance.”

He had shaken his head as he had gazed down at her in mock sympathy,

Tch..tch…tch…your poor mother, she was soooooooooo devastated!”

Kenneth’s eyes once more filled with rage,

But did she turn to me for comfort? Hell no, she ended up in a psych ward for two years! By the time she got out, I knew what I had to do…and I did it. You see, I always get what I want…sooner or later. Now get back to the house and remember, not one word if you value that little tramp’s life…and your own.”

Magdaline had pulled her torn clothes around herself and snuck in the back door and up to her room, luckily without being seen.

She had stripped off the ruined garments and put them in the back of the closet, meaning to take them down to the incinerator once her mother and father were asleep.

Then she had gone in and stood under the shower, scrubbing herself so hard she actually bled in spots. Finally, exhausted, she had fallen into bed, and to a sleep filled with nightmares.

And just as she had been drifting off to sleep, she could have almost sworn she heard a slightly feminine sounding voice calling her name.

Things had pretty much returned to normal after that night, and Magdaline never said a word about what had happened. She had begun to withdraw…no longer spending so much time in the secret talks between her mother and herself when her father had gone to town on his drinking binges.

She had been too afraid she would let something slip, and she had wanted to protect her mother, who had been her only source of kindness, for she had sensed that it would not have taken much to push her mother into an act of violence against her father.

That precaution had been made null and void the night her mother had followed her father out to the barn, where he had begun ordering Magdaline wait for him on pain of a beating, and discovered the truth for herself.

With a shriek of rage, Sheila had gone completely over the edge, reaching out and grabbing a large piece of wood that had been lying by one of the stalls and had attacked Kenneth.

She had gotten one good blow in…which had barely stunned him. He came had come up off of Magdaline with a roar of maddened rage and had grabbed a pitchfork that had been leaning just inside the stall door…

And then had run all four tines clear through Sheila’s chest while Magdaline had lain there, watching in frozen horror.

Without even looking at his stunned, horrified daughter, Kenneth had pulled the pitchfork free, bent over and picked up Sheila’s body, tossing it over his shoulder, then had headed for the cistern behind the barn.

And as he gotten closer and closer to the cistern, he had heard what sounded almost like a distant deep thudding, which had seemed to increase in both speed and intensity…

Almost like the heartbeat of someone, or something, waiting in great anticipation.

After tossing Sheila’s body into the cistern, he had made his way back to the barn, his mind so focused on finishing what he had started that he had totally failed to hear the clear sigh of what could almost been called satisfaction that…for just a moment…filled the stillness of the night.

Magdaline’s father had locked her in the attic and continued raping her. When she had borne a child when she was seventeen, he had kidnapped a nurse from a hospital several counties over, and had forced her to deliver the child, then murdered both the nurse and the child and dumped their bodies down the same well behind the barn where he had dumped the female pediatrician who had delivered her and also her mother’s body.

Over the next five years she had borne two more children, but her father had delivered those himself…and had slain them in front of her. The second child had more than likely been “disposed of” in the same manner as the first had been.

And the voice had come the night he had slain her second child, when she was twenty one.

The voice had comforted her, whispering to her secrets that she never told her father, things about the outside world…and about him. And sometimes it would let her “see” the things as it was describing them.

Two weeks before she had delivered her third child, the voice had told her it had a plan how she could escape from her father…

She had been awakened deep in the night by the alluring feminine voice, speaking the loudest she had heard it so far,

Maggie, wake up, you must wake up and listen to me, the time is near for you to be free! Now wake up and listen to me!”

This last had come so loudly in her mind that it had jerked her out of an uneasy and troubled sleep.

Her father had been there that night, drunker than usual, and had been very rough with her, leaving her bruised and bleeding, with bite marks in her shoulders and neck and her lips raw from his beard and mustache stubble.

The fact that she had been with child had not seemed to matter at all to him, as long as he satisfied his lust.

She had still been able taste the sour taste of his drunken kisses from when he had forced her mouth open, still feel the imprint of his huge hand squeezing her chin.

What do you want, why did you wake me up?” she had asked silently, turned inward, as she always did when the voice talked to her.

She had never, ever spoken to it out loud, for fear her father might be listening on the other side of the door. He got very angry if she spoke, and she had not wanted another beating.

What do you mean, the time is near for me to be free? I will never be free of him, I will die here, just as my mother did.” Magdaline had queried in frustration, anger and despair.

No, Maggie, you will not, for I will protect you, but I will expect something in return. I will explain more once he is attended to.” had come the response in that almost hypnotic voice. “You must merely wait for my signal as to when the time is right to deal with him.”

The voice had then gone on to explain, in detail, exactly what she was to do.

Magdaline had agreed, then had turned over and fallen into the first dreamless sleep she had had in ages. Her last thought had been that whatever the voice was…wherever it came from…it had never caused her any harm, if anything, it had taken to warning her when her father was on his way to the attic so that she would be able to brace herself.

When her father had delivered the third child…and stood there and calmly snapped its neck while it was still attached to the umbilical cord right in front of her with a look of mad satisfaction, the voice had come once more as he had bent over her to use his pocket knife to cut the cord,

Now, Maggie, strike NOW!”

Magdaline, her eyes filled with tears of both pain at the loss of yet another child at her father’s hands and a soul deep rage at his treatment of herself and the murder of her mother, had reached both hands above her head and arched her body as though in great pain as she expelled the afterbirth, reaching both hands beneath her pillow, where she grabbed the large hammer that was hidden there…

Then she had brought both hands forward and down with a scream of pure fury, hitting her father right in the center of the back of his skull with all the force she could muster.

With a soft grunt he had fallen across her abdomen and then slid to the floor.

Getting up on shaking legs, Magdaline had fallen to her knees and begun to pound his head over and over with the hammer, screaming obscenities at him the entire time, totally and completely out of control.

By the time she had sat back up straight, what lay before her had no longer even remotely resembled a human being.

Finally, she had shaken her head as if coming out of a trance, then using the side of the bed as an aid, she had risen and simply stood there as if frozen in place as she had gazed down at all that was left of the one who had made her life a living hell for as far back as she could remember…

And killed her mother, the only person who had ever shown her kindness.

As Magdaline thought of her mother, she tilted her head back, wailing in grief as with abroken heart she finally let go of the bloody hammer.

How long she stood there, she could not have said, but she was drawn back to the present by the voice once more speaking,

Maggie…MAGGIE! Listen to me…leave him there and go to your old room. Cleanse yourself. You will find fresh garments on your old bed. Put them on, then go out into the front of your dwelling. I will instruct you further once you have done these things.”

Very well, I will do as you instruct.” Magdaline responded mentally, for old habits were hard to break, as she began moving like an automaton towards the open door to what had been her prison for so long.

Like a sleepwalker, she went to her old room, showered, then walked nude into the main part of the room and up to the bed.

She gazed down at the miniscule appearing blood red leather skirt and satin halter top that lay upon it, along with a pair of mid height matching red heels and jet black fishnet stockings.

And at the set of matching bracelets with strange inscriptions and designs carved and raised around their entire surfaces that lay on top of those folded garments.

Moving as if in a dream, she dressed and then slipped the bracelets onto her wrists, where they immediately shrank to encase both of her wrists snuggly, but not overly tightly.

Once she was dressed, Magdaline left her old bedroom and headed for the front of the house and was soon heading across the large front porch.

She wasn’t even aware that the bleeding from the birth had stopped, that in fact, she felt as if she had never given birth at all.

Her eyes were downcast as she moved across the porch, afraid to view the outside world for fear it was all a dream and she would awaken to find herself still locked in the attic, with the sound of her father’s key sending terror through her veins.

She finally looked up about halfway to the steps leading down to the yard…

And came to a frozen standstill, staring in shock at the bright red Camaro that sat where her father’s truck had formerly sat.

In a daze she moved across the porch, down the steps, and then walked up to where she could reach out and touch that piece of beautiful machinery.

And that is precisely what she did. And as she touched the car, the knowledge of how to operate it suddenly flooded her mind, along with the voice, which seemed stronger somehow,

Maggie, get in and start it, it is not locked. You now have the knowledge to work this thing, so you are going to be leaving this place forever. I have work for you to do. You do remember, do you not, that I told you that there would be a price to pay for my aid?”

Yes, I remember.” Magdaline responded as she turned for a moment to look back at the house, “But what about my father’s body? If the police come, they might suspect there was someone here with him and come looking for me, for my fingerprints will be on that hammer.”

The voice held a trace of smugness,“Oh, don’t worry about that, just leave everything to me. Now get in the vehicle and leave. And do not worry about not being able to hear me once your are away from here, for those bracelets connect us. Now go!”

So trusting the voice once more, Magdaline got into the car, started it, and was soon out on the main road that went past the one to the house…

A house which…when she had barely gotten to the edge of the clearing that surrounded it…burst into flames. Before she was even out to the main road, all that remained were ashes and a few still smoldering timbers.

Magdaline, guided by the voice, headed for Las Vegas, just one state away. And since her former home had sat more or less on the state line, it did not take her long to reach it. The voice gave her her father’s bank access information and she was soon installed in a spacious suite in one of the major hotels.

And it was on her first full night in Vegas, after having been picked up by a handsome man who had been ogling her the entire evening and had asked her back to his hotel, which lay about a mile away, that she learned what the price was that she was to pay for the aid of the voice…

And forever lost her soul in the process…

For the stranger had pulled into an alley way and dragged her out of the car, then slammed her up against the wall and began trying to kiss her and put his hands all over her.

The next thing she knew, she had the stranger’s head gripped hard between her hands and was kissing him as the bracelets began to glow brighter and brighter…

And then he began to scream as his body began to wither…and moments later turned to dust.

Magdaline’s last conscious earthly experience was the sound of totally evil laughter as she was cast into eternal darkness.

The being who now occupied Magdaline’s body dusted its hands off with a smile full of pure satisfaction…she was back, and the one who had banished her all of those centuries ago not only still existed…

He was somewhere in this place…and she was going to find him.

As Kh’leetha walked over and started to get behind the wheel of the jaguar, she smiled to herself…the wizard, Hazeen, had committed one major misstep when he had banished her…he had been guilty of the crime of forgetting that you should never, EVER give a female time to think…and to plot revenge…when you have wronged her…

Especially when that female was the head commander of one of hell’s largest fighting forces.

Kh’leetha paused for a moment before getting into the car, gazing at the side mirror. With a wave of her hand she caused it to enlarge to where it showed her entire form.

Turning this way and that, she regarded herself with critical care as she ran her hands over her new body.

Hmmm…yes…this would do, it would do very nicely!” were her satisfied thoughts as she returned the mirror to its former state and got into the car.

She paused at the mouth of the alley way to look up and down the strip…and at all of the men moving along it.

As she pulled out of the alley and drove off, for just a moment her eyes turned amber with crimson cat’s eye pupils as a wide grin touched her lips…

It really had been oh so accommodating of Hazeen to have chosen such a place to go to ground in, it had soooooooooo many good hunting opportunities.

Her eyes gained a hardness to them at her next thought

And oh yes, when she found Hazeen, all hell would, quite literally, break loose!”

Her evilly delighted laughter floated through the wide open car windows as she drove off into the night, oh yes, this was going to be fun indeed! And in a way, she almost hoped that Hazeen actually took a little while to capture and destroy…after all, a gal had to have A LITTLE fun, didn’t she!




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  1. […] GHOSTWRITER Terrified, Magdaline stood statue-stiff beside the blood stained cot where only moments before she had given birth…the cot which had been both her resting place and her torture rack for so many years, and which sat beneath the highest pitch of the attic roof… As she stood there, shaking, her wide eyes reflecting the light of the kerosene lamp her father had always brought with him when he came to her, either to feed her… Or to sexually abuse her. […]

  2. *shudder* this still gives me the willies. I keep hoping the girl fights her way back though.

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